South West

Philharmonia & Chorus

Mick South "Singing in the SWPC is special, not only in terms of repertoire and the wonderful sound that we produce with so many talented singers, but also because of the friendly family atmosphere, devoid of any factions found in some choirs.
We are also blessed with a Musical Director of great talent, who skilfully combines the hard work necessary to achieve the standards we all aspire to, with that of a fun filled rehearsal regime, that makes you look forward to the next one."

Caroline Thomas - "It's hard to put into words but I have been challenged and high standards expected of me which has been so enjoyable and fulfilling. New friends from all over the place and I feel at home there"

Shaz Matthews "I've been singing & performing all my life. I've sung professionally on the international cabaret circuit for many years but nothing beats singing with a choir. I love performing with SWPC. I have leaned new skills, met some of the most lovely people & have been inspired by fellow singers & musicians. The atmosphere is magical when a performance comes together but it takes an enormous amount of hard work & dedication to get there. We have the most gifted of M.Ds to guide us on our musical journey & I'm looking forward to our summer repertoire"

Ruthie Golding "It makes my soul sing every time I rehearse, I leave inspired by the talent that surrounds me. We all strive to always to be better and I have made many new and wonderful friends. What's not to love about this choir and orchestra"

Susanne Burge "To quote from my book and the words of 13 year old Aadil, trapped in besieged Old Homs, Syria, in 2013: "Music takes you to another world where there is no suffering and everyone is equal. It's like the composer is there when you play his music, connecting you with everyone else who ever listens or plays. All over the world and all through the ages, musicians understand the same language." Being able to listen to and make music is fundamental to being human. Life without it would be like living in black and white rather than colour. Joining the orchestra, has brought me joy, friendship, challenges and satisfaction and I am very grateful to all of your for making that possible."

Jennie Owens "Singing with the SWPC brings out the best in everyone, you want to improve yourself not just for you but for your "family" of singers and our outstanding MD and choirmaster who make the learning interesting and fun"


 "Being a part of the South West Philharmonia and Chorus gives me the chance to get together with a terrific group of people who don't judge me by my disability. People that I am extremely proud to call my friends. Music means a lot to me because it is a way to communicate and reach out to a wide variety of people"

Annie Morgan-Evans